Sales Help - New equipment


The first thing we always ask our customers is “How do you use your boat?”

There are several different categories to help answer this question:

  • Are you a weekend sailor?
  • Are you planning to go cruising?
  • Do you spend most of your time at the dock?

All of these would help us to help you decide what fridge would be the best fit for you.

So for example:

  1. Weekend sailors typically want a fridge that cools down quickly. An evaporator plate will cool down quickly and with a bin style evaporator you can make ice.
  2. If you spend most of your time cruising then you are going to require the most efficiency and since the boat will be used and occupied most of the time, your requirements are different to that of a weekend sailor.  For you, we would recommend a holding plate system since you are able to store the thermal energy and take advantage of electronic controls like the ASU feature.
  3. If you spend time on the dock and your boat is plugged in then we would suggest using an AC/DC fridge and we have so many options for you including; reach-in fridges or ice box conversions.

If you need help deciding on which fridge to purchase call us Toll Free: 866-209-6132

To help us better serve you, please supply us with accurate measurements of your current ice box so we can calculate the volume of the interior of the box or if you’re looking for a reach-in fridge, be sure to measure the space that you have available in the boat (if you have a fridge in there now, we may have a better fit or the measurements may be slightly different, so we like to use the measurement of the actual space).

Water Heaters – Fit the largest one that fits!

We have done our best to make available dimensional drawings on this website, they can be very helpful in choosing a fridge or water heater.

If you need any further help or advice, don't hesitate to contact us..... we are always pleased to help in any way we can.