Danfoss/SECOP Compressor Modules

The Control Module is attached to the compressor, and distributes power to the thermostat and fan or pump. The Control Module is an electronic device and is essential for running the compressor.

Please note: when turning off your fridge system, use the breaker on the panel (not the thermostat). These modules are electronic, and sensitive to power surges, like lightening strikes. Turning your fridge off at the panel helps protect the module when you're away.

Product Image Item Name- Price
12/24V Module for all Danfoss BD35/50 compressors

12/24V Electronic module for all Danfoss and SECOP BD35 and BD50 Compressors. For all Isotherm units since 1998, connects to the compressor with ... more info

Model : IS-SEG00002DA
Manufacturer : SECOP
Weight : 1

12/24V 110/230V Module for all Danfoss BD35/50 compressors

Danfoss Electronic Module for BD35/BD50 compressors runs on AC and DC power - 12/24V DC + 110/230V. Danfoss Part #101N0500 4 3/4" w  X 4 ... more info

Model : IS-SEG00030GA
Manufacturer : SECOP
Weight : 2

12/24V Module for Danfoss BD80 compressor

Electronic Module for Danfoss BD80 compressor 12/24V. Used on Isotherm ASU 4901 system Danfoss part #101N0280  3 3/8" X 4 3/4" X ... more info

Model : IS-SEG00024DA
Manufacturer : SECOP
Weight : 2