Charging Instructions


Great Water Item #12-001 This kit includes a tapping valve for 14oz cans or R-134a and a hose for connection to the low side service port on the compressor. The can of R134a is NOT Included with the kit. Refrigerant is available from local auto parts stores.


To connect Dispensing Valve to refrigerant R134a can

  1. Open Valve stem to raise piercing pin.
  2. Thread valve onto top of can in clockwise direction.
  3. When ready, turn valve fully clockwise to pierce the top of the can.
  4. Turning the valve clockwise after the can is pierced will close the valve.
  5. When connecting hose to the service port open the valve slightly so that the line is purged with refrigerant from the can. This will insure that no air or moisture can enter the system. Connect only to the low side port on the top of the compressor – never to the high side port that is located on the discharge tube on some systems.
  6. Follow the charging instructions on the next page – proceed slowly – give the system time to respond to changes in the refrigerant charge.
  7. Keep the can upright at all times. Refrigerant should be added to the system as a gas only.
  8. When finished turn can valve completely clockwise to close.
  9. R-134a is not included with the kit – It is sold in auto parts stores. Make sure to buy pure R134a with no additives – dye – stop leak – or oil.

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